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Important Information For Avalon Surf Club Members

The following information is for Avalon SLSC members only.


Welcome to CrossFit Avalon Beach which is integrated with the club facility that you will have access to via a FOB KEY once you have completed our Beginner/OWHS Classes. There is a 1-Off payment of $99 payable to CrossFit Avalon Beach before you can access your FOB Key. This MUST be paid prior to commencing your Beginner Course.

Once you have completed the course you can access the facility anytime between 5:30am - 10:00pm with your KEY once it has been validated (see below). You are NOT required to join CrossFit Avalon Beach, however, classes and relative instruction is for CrossFit Members ONLY.


Having said that you are more than welcome to join CrossFit Avalon Beach and experience all we have to

offer and get some real results/gains. Membership for surf club members is at a discounted rate of $150.00 p/mth.



1. Avalon Surf Club Members MUST be financial before booking On-RAMP sessions.

2. The $99 1-OFF fee MUST be paid before attending Beginners class.


3. The Facility is for Active Patrolling Members, Active Reserve, Long Service & Life members ONLY.

    (Associate members/Nipper Managers &/or Parents and the like will only be able to access the facility via CrossFit Membership.

4. At no time under any circumstances is any equipment to be removed from the gym.


5. The gym is for Avalon SLSC members and CrossFit Avalon Beach members ONLY.


6.Ensure you bring a towel... No Towel - No Train!


7.Gym users MUST BE minimum 16yrs of Age



For all CrossFit sessions contact Brent and we'll email a timetable.

Again ensure you are FINANCIAL before attending!


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