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What's events are on our radar?

As part of Avalon Beach's lifestyle hub, we are now offering more than just great classes and exceptional coaching.

We will be specialise in events and escapes to strengthen our community from the inside out. Join us...


If you are interested in any of the below please email us at....



Our next destination for 2023 is Latitude Zero the exclusive Surfing destination for 5 class surfing adventures in Indonesia 

We only have 3 spots left so let us know asap if you are interested.

Dates: Late June/July 10 days

Cost: Contact Me

CampWod Weekends


If there's one thing Covid taught us it's that life is short and there's plenty to explore. With that said we are going to embark on some weekends away camping and WODing in various locations around NSW.

These will generally start on a Friday and head home on a Sunday.

Stay tuned for our first weekend!



The CrossFit Games 2022 are upon us with the first workout being released on the 24th Feb. Athletes will have until the 28th Feb to complete the workout.

Be a part of this awesome event sign up online now!!!

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