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2 Weeks 4 Days down...

Crutches out walking sticks in! Goal: By Wednesday get it down to 1 stick.

Friday morning was great, after going thru my normal array of mobility I punched out time on the bike but upon climbing off I noticed pain in the back of my right knee. Later that afternoon in the pool it seemed to have exacerbated. Frustration setting in.

Saturday morning the physio confirmed I had a "Bakers Cyst". Bugger! So the weekend became something of a rehab the rehab. Whilst the left knee went ahead I had to temper work on the right.

By Monday(today) it had settles down enough I could go back to work. What became evident after todays sessions was how much strength I'd lost in both my quads and my hamstrings. It's like I'd never done squat in my life!!! The simplicity of doing a simple body weighted leg curl, whereby not only range of motion is limited but strength is dramatically depleted. I can't imagine what it must be like for those who have come in to this operation with no training. Lunges and squats both in the pool and in the gym have become a staple. The lunges force range of motion whilst the squats really test my stability and strength or lack of. I'm only capable os approx 6" of depth in the gym whilst in the pool I can get close to 90 degs.

I've lost a bucket load of muscle tone in the legs and my body in general. I'm down approx 5kgs in weight.

The left is doing far better than my right when it comes to extension and flexion. I can actually hyperextend the left and flexion is past 90 degs. The right however is lagging in both but I'm confident over time it will catch up. Interestingly when practicing gait work or walking in general pain in the left knee is far less tolerant.

So I've one more day here before I head home to continue my rehab. Mentally I'm really looking forward to getting home with my family and friends. Rehab will now move to both our Box and the pool down at Av.

See ya!!!

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