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7 Weeks and 20.2

Death Warmed Up....WTF?

"How are you mate, how's the pins?" (Pins is slang for legs/knees)

"Great thanks, a little better every day"

"You're moving well mate"

"Yeah I feel pretty good overall"

"That's good cause you looked like death warmed up for the first few weeks"

"??????? really?"

Looking back you never really understand where you're at until someone coughs up the past. In hindsight I guess I did feel like crap compared to how I feel now.

As you can see in the vid I've managed to drop below 90 degs and get back up. Everything has improved especially strength and proprioceptive awareness. This lead me to take a chance on doing the first few reps of 20.2. The only question was could I get under 90 and back up without the aid of a drop-n-rock onto a seat. So with plenty of warm up and knees heavily strapped with both knee sleeves and wraps I managed 4 Thrusters and 6 Toes-2-Bar before calling it quits. I wasn't going to risk skipping.

Whilst strength and challenge is key I took the eye off the ball with mobility and suffered this past week. The bakers cyst has settled and this allowed my right knee to catch up with my left knee as far as flexion is concerned, however, they are both at 120 degs which means my left has not progressed. I need to work harder here. The physio said 120 is about what most people settle for, the very disciplined will get to 130. I asked what about 140, she shook her head and said "never seen it" I replied watch this space!

I'm still grossly underweight and finding it hard to eat. I focus mainly on mobility and rehabbing a pair of dodgy shoulders along with my knees so it's slow going. All in all I'm very happy with my progress and whilst I still have to ice down often and pain is never too far away I'm confident my course is on track to be able to resume CrossFit at the 3 month mark, about 5 weeks from now...we'll see!

Next week marks my last week in basic rehab. On November 4 I'll be seeing Luke Kane from MTP Health (Move Train Perform) to step it up. Can't wait to get going with Luke.

Have a great week ahead everyone and best of luck with 20.3!


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