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It's 3 weeks and 3 days. I left hospital lat Wednesday, today is Saturday. What a wake up it was coming home. In hospital/rehab I didn't have to do much, just rock up to 2 sessions a day, ice down, get fed, shower etc etc. Now that I'm home I find myself constantly struggling for energy. Home life, social interactions just seem to drain me very quickly.

Rehab now relies on ME, self-discipline. Every day I now walk/hobble the 400m through town over to the beach where our Box is located and go through my rehab. Despite my frustration with ongoing pain and lack of flexion I am getting stronger and more stable every day. My new best friend is the assault bike. I spend 10mins doing min on min off and I'm rooted. I can scrape just over 2000m before my hamstrings start to scream.

The disaster has been the issue with the back of the right knee. I still have no confirmation of whether its a Bakers Cyst or Popliteal issue. Either way it's hampering the right knees recovery. As the left knee acquires greater mobility and even the pain is subsiding slightly the right is a pain...literally! With the left all the pain is either in the soft tissue or the quads. In the right the pain behind the knee kicks in before I can get the quads or hams on stretch. So it's groundhog day....wake up stiff, roll and head to rehab, break fibre strain muscle inflame soft tissue, ice down, assault bike, pool, ice down....REPEAT!

Whilst I fight for energy its great to be home. I can't wait to be back in the Box next week and start Coaching some classes again. The focus for the coming week will be greater emphasis on nutrition. Eating as much raw plant based food as possible. I look forward to the day I can say to you "I'm pain free!!!"

Have a great week everyone, train hard, enjoy every day!

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