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Day 5 Full Rehab Commences

It's been a long day kids with varying levels of pain and success. After 2 sessions of physio I'm quite sore but there's no doubt the overall mobility has improved. The left leg is a beast, the right leg is a little less cooperative.

THE GOAL WE'VE SET....Be able to walk with a really good gait even if that means I still have an aid like a walking stick.

Today's sessions were both pretty simple. The first at 11am involved some parameter testing....

1. 10m Walk for time (Scaled)... Time 22secs

2. 10m Round the marker Walk (Scaled).... Time 34secs

3. We also measured flexion and extension in both seated and standing positions

Once that was done we went on with...

4sec Isometric hold of the quad x 20 reps each leg(Push knee hard into the bed)

4sec Isometric hold in extension x 10 reps each leg(Done with knee flexed over a roller)

Heal Slides back and forth in and out of extension and flexion x 10 reps each leg

Skateboard Slides - One foot on a skateboard roll in and out of flexion the aim to get fluent movement 20 reps each leg.

This all took about 45mins, it's frustratingly slow, the pain is real.

I went back up to my room ate lunch and iced down for 20mins before passing out for a 1 hour nanna nap!

The second session at 3pm mirrored the first and I noticed that while the exercises felt easier(neural adaption) I fatigued faster. She also added in Standing Calf Raises x 20 and 1 Foot up on a box going from forward flexion rocking back into extension x 20.

It's pretty much going to be eat sleep repeat over the next few days so I won't bore you now until the end of the week.

If anyone wanted to drop by with some hot cinnamon donuts that'd be awesome!!!

See ya!!!

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