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Just When You Think Everythings Going Swimmingly...

Ok for starters my last past wasn't Day 15 it was Day 14, today marks Day 15.

Rewind to yesterday where we reeled off 700m on the bike albeit with a whole lot of bum swing! I felt good, like I was starting to get some traction. The afternoon was my first Hydrotherapy session and didn't I love that. For the first time my knee joints were weightless and I could walk at pace with high knee range from one end of the pool to the other. The I was able to walk backwards and some sideways work. It felt so good to be moving so freely. Then it was into a submerged chair and with a strap around my foot work on flexion. Then it was up to the stairs where I did some squats and managed to get to 90 degrees. I finished up with some accessory work. What a session, what a day I was on top of the world. To top it off the doc said I'd be heading home Monday, that was yesterday Thursday.

Woke this morning pretty stiff and sore from yesterday but got up early, rolled, iced and mentally got ready for the days sessions. I've also started using only 1 crutch.

With Bruno The Brazzo away I had his counterpart Holly. As we walked through our warm-ups on the bench we decided to remeasure flexion. 90 degs on the left 85 degs on the right. The pool session greatly increased flexion in the left by 5 degs. Using the skateboard on each foot I was able to push it to 105 on the left and 95 on the right. This gives me great confidence in my ability to squat back under 90 somewhere down the track. Then it was onto the bike where today I put it up to Level 2 and pumped out 1200m!!! STOKED! The physio's asked what day I was leaving and upon telling them Monday asked to see me walk with at first 1 crutch and then with a walking stick...the verdict... "You ain't going home Monday, you look like the Tin Man with a stick up your arse! You'll be here till Wednesday." First disappointment of the day. I was pissed, so looking forward to getting home. That's an extra 2 days of average food. I'm mostly a vego and here they serve bloody meat every meal, hence, having a poo is like giving birth. What with all the drugs that bind you up anyway!!! Lucky the trouble & strife(Wife) brings buckets of prunes!

I was really looking forward to the arvo session in the pool. Stuff it, what's another 2 days to get it right. As I made my way to the pool I was feeling really tight after this mornings session. "Shit! Should have rolled I thought". I entered the pool and started off on my first lap with gusto. By the second lap I was in the corner in a world of pain...."TWANG" went either part of my hamstring or a tendon or a combination of both. "FiretrUCK!" That was my pool session all but over. I talked about it with the pool physio and she felt I may have overcooked it this morning. Stupid cocky crossfitter! So we did some easy work and I put my tail between my legs and here I lie, iced up and no place to go. Thank the lordy there's a shitload of football on this weekend with the Rugby League Semi-Finals, the Rugby World Cup and Monday morning my beloved Ravens take on The Kansas City Chiefs.

A quick shout out to all you wonderful people who have taken the time to drop in. Don't underestimate how special you make me feel when you take time out of your busy day to come and see this old fool.

To my long suffering trouble & strife(wife) every day you break away from your overload of work and looking after Brandon to visit. I can't express how lucky I am to have you in my life nor how happy I feel when I see you. You're a star Mars!!!

CrossFit Avalon Beach I miss you all so much and I can't wait to get back and abuse the crap out of you all with my twisted sense of humour, my exceptional playlist and straight up telling you how I feel about you being late to class! Luv ewes!!!! xxx

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