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PREHAB - Take Control Of Your Outcome

DAY 11

It becomes painfully(pardon the pun)obvious who went into their surgery prepared and who didn't. As Day 11 physio sessions played with our pain thresholds the reality that soft tissue damage was going to repair itself in its own sweet time and nothing we were doing was going to speed that process was obvious.

The area directly around the operation remains tender and swollen as it does for those that are a week or so in front of me, hence, range of motion remains very restricted. However, its the small increases in strength, coordination and fluency within what range you do have that you start to notice. That outcome is very relative to the amount of work you did, or didn't do, prior to your operation. It is clear the work you do prior to surgery is of huge benefit coming out the other side. Whilst I may not quite be ready for "Murph" and getting to the loo unaided is a struggle, the workload is getting easier by the day whilst for some they don't seem to progressing.

I've done pre-hab work with a few clients over the years and every time these guys are back training long before anyone, surgeons included, would have thought. This is why I love CrossFit. It prepares you for the unknown. It's constantly varied and we constantly work on our weaknesses. As for post-surgery rehab, well, its just another WOD!


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