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The KNEES! 7 Months Old

This could get long so get a cuppa and a comfortable seat.

My last post was back in November when everything was fine and dandy...then January came around and "BANG" back to the drawing board. Both knees especially at the bottom of the quad where they split the muscle was in inflammation hell. To date neither myself nor the surgeon have any idea why and it stayed with me right up until early March just after the birth of our second, a baby girl named "Morgan".

Finally after dropping 2 anti-inflammatories over 2 days that was enough to get the ball rolling and get the inflammation down. As I got back to rehab work I couldn't help but wonder where I'd be if this hadn't happened and I was still puzzled as to how.

I was off and moving well again with only the associated pain from leg days which by now I was moving away from Box Squats and after a thorough warm-up could get under 90. My deadlift was starting to climb and overall stability was improving. The 6th and 7th months flew by, I was now seriously considering surfing as my stability was great. I could run on sand, walk all day with little to no pain, life was good....ENTER THAT WOD!!!!

15min AMRAP (Couplet) High Hang Snatch and Over-Bar Burpees increasing reps. The bar was light, I'd done plenty of Burpees of late as we are on a 50 day challenge and many days I'd warn a weight vest so in my infinate wisdom I decided the vest here was a smart option. IDIOT! As I said the bar was light but what I'd not thought about was the constant jumping with the vest on both in the Burpees and the Snatch, fast feet right...wrong! About the 10min mark I really worked hard on my foot speed in the snatch and "POP" there went my left knee and down I went. As it turned out it was only soft tissue damage at the base of the quad(again) and some tissue damage around the structure of the replacement. It's been about a week and they're only just starting to come good-ish.

The Lesson: We all heal at different rates and with this kind of operation erring on the side of caution with a very long term view is key to not constantly going backwards.

Have a nice day!

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