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THE REBUILD - 16hrs And Counting

Should I be nervous? Probably but I'm not, I'm excited at the prospect of returning to full-time training and NO PAIN!! It's not like its my first op.

My left knee(ACL) was reconstructed back in the 80's, unfortunately I managed to snap that new ligament 6 weeks in and never had it repaired so I just got used to having no ACL. A few years earlier I popped my (R) Shoulder playing for the Rats as a Colt in the major semi against our old foes Manly. We went on to beat them up in the big dance. Post season I found out I'd sustained a (R) Ingranul Hernia as well so I had to get that stitched up. I had a Putti-platt performed on that shoulder whereby they shorten the tendons to pull the shoulder back in, down side...severe lack of mobility. Some years later I popped the other shoulder skiing and the other knee side-stepping in a pot hole whilst playing in a 10's Tournament in Mudgee at the ripe old age of 46. Probably should have pulled the pin a few years earlier. Add to that a screw in my (R) wrist from a motor bike accident and countless stitches and I guess I'm no stranger to the knife.

So here's my mentality, every day for the past 1-2 years my knees have been slowly degrading into shitty depths of pain. Tomorrow and every day forward of that I'll be working towards being pain free and mobile again!!! In preparation I've stocked up on my vitamins, protein powder, oral arnica and probiotics to help my body balance itself post surgery. Jerry has promised to drop off some DONUTS!!! Mars has packed chocolate! I will be working overtime to keep my diet as green as possible to enable a faster recovery....minus the Donuts!

Again to all you wonderful people that have offered up best wishes I thank you from the depths of my heart. See y'all tomorrow pre-op!

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