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The Struggle Is Humbling

It's the morning of Day 3 post op.

Rewind...My op started at 4pm and finished around 9:30pm. I dozed on and off throughout the night and was surprised upon waking my pain was quite limited. Well that's only because the morphine hasn't worn off yet you idiot! The Surgeon dropped by to say g'day and see how I was doing and then advised me that at about the 14hr mark the drugs would start to ware 11:30am I was in some serious discomfort which by the afternoon had become pain like I've never felt before. More drugs pleeeease!!! The physio dropped by and ran me through some simple exercises of which the leg raise and isometric contraction of the quads was nearly impossible.

As day 2 started I was feeling very sorry for myself. The humbling was on my radar as I knew the physio's were going to want me to try and walk today and right on cue in came 2 young dudes eager to put this old man through what would become my most humbling experience. First we tried the static exercises and it was a fail fail fail on every on. My legs felt like to dead stumps. So now it was time to try walking and the humbling became even moreso. It was all but impossible to get myself out of bed let alone stand up and hold onto the walking frame but once up I was able to shuffle to the door and back. I was sweating like it was a 40 degree day. The physio boys were happy, I was dumbfounded as to the lack of mobility and strength. One thing they pointed out was that keeping the knees locked in extension was of the utmost importance for if one loses that extension its very hard to reclaim. Flexion on the other hand can much more easily be worked on. Now because my canky knees have been stuck in partial flexion for the past few years and all of a sudden the joint has full range of motion you can understand all the tendons and ligaments are now being stretched and that is one of the reasons for my ongoing pain. Calves and quads are all locked up like I'd just done 300 Box Jumps!! Having said that I did manage with the help of staff to get up and go to the loo 2 times. A good round of drugs early evening allowed me to sleep through to 1am where I woke in a world of pain. I tried to tough it out over the next few hours but by 5am I'd had enough and called for more drugs!! Lesson learnt here don't be a hero get the damn drugs!!!

And so here I am Day 3. I'm looking forward to giving walking another crack today. I try doing my exercises as often as I can. This is nothing like I anticipated. It's going to be a long road back. What gives me hope is all the wonderful well wishes and positive messages from our CrossFit Community, especially those on the CrossFit Masters FB Page that have had at least one knee done and encourage me too keep pushing its worth it in the end. One dude described each physio session as a WOD towards healing. It is very humbling to go from an athlete that can do just about anything to not being able to hold myself up. These are days of growth, awareness and patience.

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