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Walking Towards The New Normal

3 Weeks and 5 days down and I can say with some confidence that I feel like I'm walking towards what will be my new normal. My knee pain is settling down in fact to the point where the Bakers Cyst gives me more grief than the knees. Wounds have heeled nicely with minimal scarring and all in all they feel pretty good. Sleep time is still a bit prickly with most of my solid sleep still on my back. I can do a few minutes on my side just to give my butt a break! I did my first outpatient rehab session on Monday which involved an hour in the gym then an hour in the pool. Tough 2 hours. But whilst flexion and extension are still slow to move I have started back Coaching in our Box and I can move around without aid. I ice down during classes where I can.

So it's slowly starting to feel human again. Mind you I still walk like the tin man.

In the pool I can squat to just about 90 degrees being weightless, out of the pool I can just squat on and off a low box with a 20kg plate on it. It's a vast difference. Not being able to really CrossFit I started back today with an old skool body-building session just so I could feel like I'm moving again. I'll continue this over the next 3-4 weeks whilst I work on knee flexion and extension. I'l work the 4 x 8-10-12 protocol in order to stay light and re-enage some lazy muscles.

BB Bench Press 4 x 8

DB Flyes/Pushups 4 x 8 (This is what's known as a Giant Set working the same muscle group but a compound movement is preceeded by a isolated movement)

Incl DB Press 4 x 8

Bar Dips 4 x 1

By the end of this I was totalled. I waddled down to the rock pool and tea-bagged it for 5mins to let the body recover. Back to coach one more class for the morning then home for a snooze. Today will mark the first day I HAVEN'T done any mobility work on my knees. I'm hoping it may help the Bakers Cyst settle down a bit. The knees may stiffen up a bit but I've double rehab sessions again tomorrow so I feel the break today my work in my favour.

Something you can't underestimate is the value of great family and friends. I get such a lift being back with my family which includes our CrossFit community. Those positive vibes are healing vibes. Here's to Carrot Juice and Squats!!!

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