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Week 1

Week 1 is done and dusted. It's actually the beginning of Day 10 and I've just got back from another rehab session.

Mumma said there'd be days like these.... is without fail the biggest issue I have going on at the moment. Whilst I managed to graduate from the Walking Frame to Crutches I still feel so restricted.

"Take your pain relief, you have to stay on top of your pain relief" they say. And so you are dosed up not only at the beginning and end of each day but prior to rehab just so you can get through your rehab. That way you can get stuff moving faster. And personally I have an issue with all the drugs. I feel like crap, no appetite, my skins breaking out and it's a lot of crap for the liver to deal with....BUT...damned if you do damned if you don't. This is Dbl Knee Replacement and the pain is ongoing and acute.

2 nights now I've been lucky to rack up 4 hours of sleep, not so much because of pain but being uncomfortable. One can't sleep in any other position except on ones back! Your knees nag, you want to bend them but you can't and you just stare at the ceiling twitching and shifting trying to find some position that will put you into lah lah land. I spent this morning between 3:10am - 5:30am on social media!

I have ice on my knees as we speak, its the one constant that keeps the pain at bay. Time to move the bags from top to bottom. I can honestly say I've never felt so unhealthy as I do right now. My nutrition is average, I've lost around 5kg which for me is NOT good.

On a positive note...I know this is not forever. I know every day gets a little bit better. I know in 3 months from now I'll be in the middle of a WOD and smile to myself when I think of this time. I know the future is way way better than what the past 2 years has been like. I am blessed to be in a time and space whereby this operation/rehab is even doable.

Thank you for all the donuts that came my way this past week!!!

The journey continues....

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