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Week 10 New Moves

As I eluded to last week the high point of this week was catching up with this guy...

Luke Kane Principal at MTP HEALTH

In hindsight I wish I'd have seen Luke a few weeks earlier. For anyone heading into Hip or Knee surgery of any type, not just replacement, your prehab is vital as is your rehab and if you value your movement and or returning to the activities you may have lost or were still kind of doing, then who guides you through that rehab is vital. With absolutely no disrespect to my initial physio's, if I'd have stayed on that path their expectations and mine were in complete conflict and I would have resided myself to fairly limited activities. On the flip side choose your prehab/rehab team well and you can expect to go pretty close to full function.

Enter Luke...the first visit was an evaluation so he could set appropriate work load and dynamics. Saturdays visit not only entailed a detailed run-thru of the program but some parameter testing using the latest tech. Luke was able to accurately graph my quad, hamstring and hip abduction strength. For now my quads are by far stronger than my hamstrings. In fact my hamstring strength is non-existent. The program is 4 weeks before we re-evaluate. 3 days p/week plus homework as Luke calls it. Everything is done at sub-max to preserve and allow for multiple sessions a week. My program is facilitated online and Luke can see what I'm getting done which makes it super accountable, a feature I love. And yes, this is shameless plug for Sydney's if not Australia's best prehab/rehab facility and its practitioners.

The Knees...I'm still experiencing soft tissue pain. The joint itself get's a little tired and sore after I've been on my feet for too long. In hindsight doing the games was not my smartest move physically but on a mental level it kept challenge in front of me. I'm happy to say I walked around our local markets for a few hours this morning pain free with our 2yr old on my shoulders. I had high hopes of getting back in the ocean in the form of riding a boogie board (oh the shame) and sweeping my girls surfboat crew but Luke has asked me to wait to the 15 week mark.

If you've got any questions I'm only happy to help where I can.

Have a great week everyone!


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