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Week 10 Open WODs and more...

Coming out of week 9 I was excited about seeing the Exercise Physiologist Luke Kane. He was impressed with my progress to date but less than impressed with my current rehab schedule. After some testing we talked about expectation and time frames. The take-away that pleased me most was the path toward attaining 140-150 degs of flexion. I'm back this coming Friday for a whole new program and parameter testing.

So where in physical terms am I....sleeping is still uncomfortable, stairs still suck but in general pretty good. Good enough that I gave 20.4 a crack scaled last Tuesday. That meant step-ups 20" Box of which I got through 90 reps as well as some very muscled C&P. Everything overhead was strict press and by the time I hit 52kg I was all but out of aces. 122 reps in total and that was time. Importantly my kness pulled up pretty well.

A few days later (Sat) and I decided to give 20.5 a go. My strategy was simple, I'm unfit and probably can't get under 90 degs so partition the row and chest to bar pull-ups. My stroke on the rower is still well short but C-2-B despite having zero gas felt ok. Having said that its Sunday night now and my lats are in agony. I finished the row/pull-ups with 2mins 30secs on the clock, time to wrap my knees and give wallball a shot. Getting under 90 was excruciating but I managed 7 reps, with a whole lot of whinging, with the 20lb ball and the knees pulled up pretty good. For me mentally it was a win. I feel like I'm moving forward.

So yep they're sore because I keep pushing it. But every day a little bit better. My Kraft massage gun arrived 2 days ago so I'm looking forward to seeing how that helps my recovery. Congratulations to all that gave the CrossFit Games a crack.

Have a great week everyone!

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