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Day 4 - Rehab Starts Tomorrow

As day 3 (yesterday) dwindled into night time I reflected on how far I'd come....not far.

The pain was still evident but had subsided. I was able to sleep into the night before waking at 3am and so caught some of the Ravens Game (Love a good ass whipping) before loading up on some pain relief and back to sleep.

Upon waking(Day 4) I was informed I'd be moving from the current hospital to the rehab unit 30mins down the road. I had new nursing staff who were a tad unaware of how little I could move so when they asked me to pack up, have a shower and get changed ready to go in the next hour I was about to embark on my first unassisted moves. First up nude up and hit the shower. Getting out of bed for the first time without help gave me a true insight as to how far I had to go. I managed to get to the shower and scrub up, dry myself and head back out butt naked and not caring one bit who saw me. I had to holler for help to pack my bag but once that was done they sent me via wheel chair down to the transit lounge before bundling me into patient transport and away to new digs.

Once here I decided to do some walks, sit on a chair and try to stay out of the bed. I actually loathe the bed because once in it you can't alter position! Your bum is stuck in the same position the whole time you're on the bloody thing. The other frustration as I spoke about is being stuck in either flexion or extension. So you sit in the chair, practice a few knee bends or whatever but come time to stand up the bloody legs won't straighten! You stand up hanging on grimly to your aid half bent over waiting for your legs to unwind. The on the bed the opposite happens. You're lying straight legged and once you've managed to swing your legs off the bed they won't straighten. It takes a minute or 2 to stretch them out and man it hurts.

That's the bathroom maybe 12 feet away. 5 Days ago I could just swing my legs off the bed dance over to loo and have a wiz or a Number 2. Now I have to evaluate every move...It's bloody frustrating! For now the pain of going from either extension to flexion or visa versa makes me hesitate, I hate it but I know my fellow masters who have gone before me have promised in 3 weeks let alone 3 mths life will be completely different.

Tomorrow the real rehab starts, I can't wait to get going!!!

Despite all this negative garb I am hitting tiny goals every day. Getting on and off the bed or a chair is easier. The pain is subsiding. I guess it's like trying to get your first muscle-up, many many failures eventually add up to a win!!!

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