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What A Difference A Day Makes

Tomorrow, Friday 11th Oct (Sydney Time) I'll hit 5 weeks. As time floats by the work I did Prehab becomes glaringly evident when compared with those around me. As you can see by the video I can squat to 90 degrees. In the pool I'm below 90. The surgeon said to me the depth you go into surgery with will have a effect on what depth you have on your return. So as I told you earlier I put a big focus on keeping low knowing if I was to compete CrossFit again I'd have to hit a below 90 degree squat.

Not a day goes by that I don't notice subtle changes in both strength and range of motion. Some days the pain post rehab is pretty bad but when I see the improvements I am excited for the future. The changes maybe something as simple as not having to negotiate with my bloody scooter to get on and off. Someone said you look taller! My gait has improved and I now go about my day unaided, no walking stick. I still get tired quickly especially after a double rehab day. My flexion has increased to 120 (R) and 115(L). Warmed up I can probably add 5 degrees. Extension is still tough but I'm flat to the bed on both.

As someone with hideous knee pain prior I can safely say the pain I experience now is nothing like the pain I came into this operation with. It's exciting to know it's getting better every day. New additions to the routine are Rolling my quads, calves and hams as often as possible, I can ride a bike without the hippy shake. Today I managed 3.9kms in 10mins on the bike. Remember just over a week or so ago my first stint on the bike was 6mins for 300m!!! I also started leg press this week and managed 3 x 10 @ 22.5kg....bahahaha I know you're laughing cause I am too but holy crap I can't manage much more than that!!!

Prior to my op I was 84-85kg. Post op I weighed 76kg. Some serious weight loss. I'll post before and after pics tomorrow so you can see the road I have ahead to rebuild. The one thing about being so light is less load on the knees.

Yes I've signed on for the CrossFit Games! I know most of it I won't be able to do but anything I can do I'll give it a crack. I love the atmosphere of the Games and can't imagine not being part of it not matter how much scaling I have to do. Just training along side the guys and girls in the Box gives me such a boost. It also serves as great motivation to go to that next level.

To all of you taking part in the Games have a great 5 weeks.


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